driven by purpose

At Keepers Harvest our mission is do all things with integrity, and with a deep connection to the land. We're leading the charge in revolutionizing the honey experience. With a staggering 70% of America's honey being imported, the industry is missing a key component of transparency that the American consumer longs for.

We offer complete transparency, ensuring you know exactly where your honey originates—directly from the hive.

100% raw texas honey

We take pride in offering honey that is only ever from Texas and free from unnecessary pasteurization and filtration processes, preserving its natural goodness and flavor for our community to enjoy.

Sustainable beekeeping

From husbandry practices to maintain high populations in our hives to our daily practices, sustainability is at the root of every decision we make.

Supporting TExas beekeepers

Community is a foundational pillar for our brand. We partner with other beekeepers that we trust and who are doing their part to provide Texans with 100% raw local honey.

We are here to help.

We are beekeepers first! We produce our own honey in our yards in and around Austin, TX. We also partner with select local Texas beekeepers to offer unique honey that highlights the tastes of Texas. We source as close to Austin, TX as possible and always within Texas borders.

Yes! Bees and all pollinators play a crucial role in the health of our environment. One-third of the food on our plates requires pollination. Without bees we would lose some of our favorite fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Our raw honey is not pasteurized, which allows for a higher pollen count than pasteurized honey. Exposing your system to the proteins, pollen, vitamins and digestive enzymes found in raw honey can improve overall health and help build a strong immune system.

People who are allergic to bee stings (bee venom) can usually consume bee byproducts with no issues. However, we do encourage you to consult with a healthcare professional in situations like this.

We mean that our honey goes from the hive and straight to a bottle. We skip unnecessary steps like pasteurization and filtering to ensure that our honey is at it's highest quality possible. We never heat our honey to the degree of pasteurization and only strain out bits of wax, offering you a product as raw as possible.